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2009: Abitur at the Franz-Marc-Gymnasium Markt Schwaben

2010- 2015: Studies in speech therapy at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich

2015-2022: Training as a child and adolescent psychotherapist at AVM gGmbH, focus on behavioral therapy


Professional Experience:

2015-2016: Neurofeedback therapist at the Therapy Center Rotkreuzplatz

2016-2018: Heckscher Klinikum Munich: psychotherapeutic work in the day clinic

2016-2020: Pedagogical specialist in a therapeutic residential group for unaccompanied minor refugees with a focus on trauma pedagogy

2020-2022: psychotherapeutic specialist service at AVM gGmbH



Since 2015: Member of the Working Group for Behavior Modification

Since 2021: Founding member of Perspektiv eV

Since 2022: Member of the Chamber of Psychotherapists

Since 2022: entry in the medical register

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