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  • No therapy place or too long waiting time?

  • Looking for quick help?

  • Talk time only possible in the evening or at the weekend?

  • You do not want to report the diagnosis to the health insurance company because you will be a civil servant or have taken out certain insurance policies?

  • Currently abroad and no possibility to get help on site?

Then you are exactly right with me as a self-payer.

You can take me with you everywhere via video calls, so that I can support you, for example, during a longer stay abroad or chronic illnesses that make regular face-to-face appointments impossible. I offer individual appointments at any time of the day or night. So time difference is not an obstacle, which is why international English-speaking people seeking help are also welcome.

Numerous studies show that the effectiveness of online therapy is comparable to face-to-face appointments (cf. G. Andersson et al, 2014;


I work exclusively with video providers that comply with data protection regulations and are KVB-certified. 

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